Note on Content:

The articles assembled here represent stories about Bais Yaakov in various publications. 

The newspapers and journals in which these stories appeared represent the wide range of the interwar press, from serious journalism to lowbrow sensationalism, and spanning from the Orthodox to secular (or anti-religious) segments of Polish Jewish society. 

While the Orthodox press ordinarily spoke of Bais Yaakov with enormous enthusiasm and respect, that is less true for the popular daily press, where Bais Yaakov was often taken as an object of curiosity and amusement. 

In at least one case, the 1933 Heyntige nayes story of Sarah Schenirer writing a movie script for Bais Yaakov production, the “report” seems to have been either a fabrication or a transparent joke. 

For a brief description of each newspaper mentioned, see the JPRESS website. We thank JPRESS for permission to present material from their searchable digitization of the historical Jewish press.

April 5, 1936

Announcement: Meeting to Establish Central Bais Yaakov Office, Bais Yaakov of Jerusalem. Full article on JPRESS ...
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June 29, 1934

A Bais Yaakov Children's Play: A review of a Bais Yaakov performance in Włocławek, with dance, skits, and songs; the reviewer mentioned that the hall was crowded and noisy, so that the performers could barely be heard. Full article on JPRESS ...
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May 31, 1934

Curious News from Small Towns: Report about a Bais Yaakov teacher in Chmielnik, a graduate of the seminary hired by a young Agudah activist, caught in an "un-Agudistic pose" with a married Hasid. Full article on JPRESS ...
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March 11, 1934

Hasidic Revolt in Błonie: The article describes a Bais Yaakov play, "Akeidas Yitzkhok", in which boys dressed up as girls in order to sneak into the theater (where girls playing the roles of Abraham and Isaac were dressed as boys). See full article on JPRESS ...
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December 28, 1933

A Great Uprising in the Fortress of Agudah: An article in the Warsaw daily Haynt about the argument between Shmuel Nadler and the Agudah leadership over male theatrical performances. Full article on JPRESS ...
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July 31, 1932

Agudah Boycotts Jewish Workers: Article (critical of the Agudah) about the initiative to build a new Bais Yaakov in Praga, and the hiring of non-Jewish rather than Jewish workers. Full article on JPRESS ...
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February 5, 1932

A Grand Tu Beshvat Celebration by the Ezra Group and Bais Yaakov: Description of a Tu Beshvat celebration put on by the Ezra group along with Bais Yaakov in Kalisz, with many speeches (some in Polish) and singing and dancing until late in the night. Full article on JPRESS ...
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January 1, 1932

The Jewish Woman in Her Holy Duties: Essay by Sarah Schenirer on Jewish women's sacred duties. Full article on JPRESS ...
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February 20, 1931

The Bais Yaakov School Closes: Brief notice that the Bais Yaakov of Pinsk has closed. Full article on JPRESS ...
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February 13, 1931

What's the Status of A Bais Yaakov School with All Subjects? Editorial on the still unfulfilled need for a full-day Bais Yaakov in Shedletz (Siedlice). Full article on JPRESS ...
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