The people below represent just a small portion of the many individuals associated with Bais Yaakov. There are many more people who can be added to this page. We will be adding biographies steadily, and you can send us a message if you want to see a biography for a specific person, or if you would like to contribute one (with credit for your writing).

Upcoming Bios

  • Itka Ass (student at the Kraków Teachers Seminary and partisan with Bielski brothers, Bnos activist at the Bad Gastein DP camp)

  • Chantshe Baile Holshtok (Bais Yaakov teacher in Parisów and–apparently–a secret Communist)

  • Shmuel Nadler (poet and “court bard” of the Agudath Israel, writer of the Bnos anthem)

  • Tzila Neugroschel Orlean Sorotzkin (student and teacher at the Kraków Teachers Seminary, sister-in-law of Yehudah Leib Orlean, Holocaust heroine, activist)

  • Meir Sharansky (founder of the Beit Yaakov in Tel Aviv)

  • Lotka Szczarańska Waszasz (student and teacher at the Kraków Teachers Seminary, speaker at the 1929 founding of Neshei Agudath Israel, Bnos leader)

  • Gitl Teitelbaum Pass (early student of Sarah Schenirer, teacher in the Kraków Teachers Seminary)

  • Esther Hamburger Gross (German-trained teacher at the Kraków Teachers Seminary and founder of the Teachers Seminary in Czernowitz)