The material assembled on this website comes from a variety of sources: archives, other websites, and private family collections. The presence here of these hundreds of photos and documents is thanks to the generosity and hard work of many archivists, librarians, and web administrators, and we thank them all warmly.

Archives and archivists:

Online Archives and Websites:

Family and personal collections:

  • Rabbi Yaakov Bender
  • Devorah B. Cohn photo archive, courtesy of Naftali Cohn
  • Shamira Gelbman
  • Joel Rosenberg
  • Mindy Schaper
  • Rabbi Joseph Sporn family archive, courtesy of Kalman and Shimon Sporn
  • Basya Stern

Institutional Support:

  • Chancellor Jackman Chair at the University of Toronto
  • The New Media Lab at the CUNY Graduate Center

Writers and Translators:

  • Masha Y. Kalmanovitch

Other contributors:

  • Pierre Anctil
  • Herb Basser
  • Chaim Sznicer

And for their help:

  • Zachary Baker: assistance with online resources
  • Lee Bearson: graphic design
  • Leslie Ginsparg Klein: research help
  • Kathryn Hellerstein: hosting the first concert/talk at UPENN
  • Rachel Manekin: location of documents
  • Isabella Rosenbaumas: inspiring this website through
  • And especially: Ula Madej-Krupitski: research assistance, reproduction of Polish archival material, translation from Polish, review of Polish place names, and photos from Kraków