Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 105 (1933)

  • An opinion article by Yehuda Leib Orlean discussing the proper way to teach children about the land of Israel, explaining complicated issues without confusing them
  • An essay by Benjamin Mintz discusses the potentially confusing attitude of the Agudath Israel towards Zionism, reminds readers that the Land of Israel is a holy place that the Jews must treasure, and describes his own immigration there
  • Rabbi Dr. Pinchas Cohen’s article “Shavuot–Jewish Nationalism” responds to the growing European nationalism and shows the valued place foreigners have in Judaism, in contrast with the new xenophobic ideas. Another essay by Dr. M. Eliash, the principal of a Jewish school in Frankfurt, Germany, titled “To Our Youth” also reacts to the turbulent political atmosphere in Germany and discusses how to continue the next generation’s education; he argues that one must not lose faith in Germany, which is still their homeland.
  • Article on Shavuot and the giving of the Torah by Sarah Schenirer
  • A poem “Shavuot” by Elimelech Shteyer, and an excerpt from Shmuel Nadler’s book “The Baal Shem Tov Symphony”
  • A personal essay, “The Krakow-Dream”, by Breyndel Klepfish describes her dream of attending the Krakow Teachers Seminary, where she is now a first-year student; the school is like a family: the mother is Sarah Schenirer, and the teachers and students are like sisters. Yehuda Leib Orlean, the director, is strict but the students admire him
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