Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 110-111 (1933)

  • Essays celebrating Sarah Schenirer’s 50th birthday by Beyle Gross Fastag, S. P-N, Esther Roza, R. Redlich, and Hode Mowshowitz
  • Poems by Elimelekh Shteyer, Eliezer Schindler (one dedicated to Rabbi Meir Shapiro Z”L and the other to Sarah Schenirer), and a ballad by Israel Emiat about “The Holy Woman Odl Kikenish” who died for the sanctification of God’s name after being wrongly accused, and on being sentenced to death by being dragged by a horse, asked for pins to pin her skirt to her legs to safeguard her modesty. A short story translated into Yiddish by Heshel Klepfish “Unfortunate People” about an assimilated Jewish family
  • Eliezer Gershon Friedensohn published the lyrics for a Hebrew song for students of Bais Yaakov by Alexander Zisha Friedman, “Ivriyot anahnu” (We are Hebrew Girls)
  • A few essays dedicated to the holiday of Hanukkah: “The Story of Hanukkah” from “Antiochus Scroll” by Sh. Alef; an essay by Rabbi Dr. Asher Hacohen, “The Hanukkah Candles”, on the tradition of candle lighting; short fragments on the holiday by Dr. Nathan Birnbaum (translated into Yiddish by A. Kharuzi); and a poem by Alter Schnur, “The Shamash”, about lighting the menorah.
  • Yehuda Leib Orlean’s essay objects to the assumption that Jewish girls received no education in the past. He argues that girls’ education was based on individual teachings within private homes, and was not formal or organized as today
  • Two essays about the role of the woman in Jewish society: one by Shmuel David Laski titled “In the Right Place”, and the second by Rabbi Yishayah Reicher titled “The Role of the Woman in Judaism”. Both emphasize the women’s significant part in traditional Jewish life but note her duties–the woman is responsible for the good name of her house, by hosting people, giving to charity, and so forth
  • An article by Heshl Klepfish titled “Dulcinea and Lulu” on women in European literature discusses the character of Dulcinea from Don Quixote and the title character in Franz Wedekind’s Lulu. Klepfish argues that women are presented as either angels or demons (continued in issue 119)
  • Three articles about historical Jewish women who were models of virtue and righteousness: Benjamin Mintz’s article “The Historic Woman” tells the tale of Gitele, grandmother of Rabbi Yisroel of Ruzhin; Yossef Schenker’s article “Chava Bacharach”, tells the life story of Chava, an educated woman born in 1585 in Prague, the daughter of an important rabbi and the grandmother of Rabbi Yair Chayim Bacharach (1639-1702); Y. B. Mandelbaum’s article, “Rachel Bat Moshe,” tells the story of Rachel, which took place in 1767, in Balta, Ukraine; she saved a Torah scroll from fire and died from her wounds.
  • Two essays by graduates of the Teachers Seminary in Krakow, Rivka Wald and Reysel Greenball, describing the experiences of Sabbath eve with Sarah Schenirer and the other students


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