Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 116 (1934)

  • A special issue dedicated to the 70th birthday of Nathan Birnbaum, including a sketch of him on the first page. Several essays about his life and work as one of the leaders of the movement by R. Tuvye Horowitz, Eliezer Schindler, I. L. Gersht, Rabbi M. I. Gutman, Dr. Meir Schwartzman, Shmuel Pliskin, and Elimelekh Shteyer
  • Dr. Shlomo Brinbaum’s essay against assimilation and the adoption of foreign ideas 
  • Yehuda Leib Orlean’s article on spirituality, calling to recharge Orthodox life with deeper faith 
  • A poem by Eliezer Schindler. A fragment from a story by Israel Emiat, about Chayim Itzls. A historical short story by Yitzhak Levin takes place in Lemberg in 1770-1771 and tells the story of the Jewish community’s opposition to a Jew, Itzik Yakobovitsh, who decided not to observe Yom Kippur; the Jewish community fined him, to no avail, so they sued him–in the end, the community triumphed
  • “Musar-Words” by Rabbi Israel Salanter: short sayings from his Musar movement  
  • Sections of the book The New Kuzari by Dr. Isaac Breuer, translated into Yiddish by  K. Nemirower (continued in issues 116-117 and 119)
  • Sarah Schenirer’s essay titled, “Through Peace and Salvation”, about the idea of salvation, quotes from the Torah, Mishnah, and other Hebrew sources (which she then translates) to make her arguments. 
  • Eliezer Gershon Friedensohn’s report on the recent Agudath Israel three-day conference, summarizes the speeches given and names the major participants in the event


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