Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 118 (1934)

  • A special longer issue celebrating the 12th year of the journal’s existence. The editorial praises its growth over the years from a small organization with just a few members to a large and strong movement 
  • This issue is also dedicated to Rabbi Yisrael Meir ha-Kohen Kagan, the “Chofetz Chaim”, who passed away in 1933. Shmuel Pliskin writes three pieces: a personal essay about mourning the rabbi; an article about the rabbi’s influence, surveying the many books he wrote; and an article about the rabbi’s support for girls and women’s Torah study, and for Bais Yaakov. Yehuda Leib Orlean’s essay “The Jewish Leader” shares memories of the rabbi  
  • Poems by Ish Levi, Eliezer Schindler’s “Day between Mountains”, and “High Priest”, and Israel Emiat’s “Scenery”. Eliezer Gershon Friedensohn’s “Come” calls on Jewish women to immigrate to the Land of Israel. V. Leichter’s poem is dedicated to Nathan Birnbaum
  • Rabbi Shmuel David Laski’s essay, on the importance of remaining Orthodox, argues that the idiom “it is hard to be a Jew” is false
  • Dr. Nathan Birnbaum’s “Because of Our Sins We Were Exiled” is a chapter from the upcoming Collected Writings of Nathan Birnbaum in which he addresses God and asks how Jews can repent in order to return to their home, the Land of Israel
  • An essay titled “A Hasidic Discussion about ‘Teshuva’ (repentance)” by Alexander Zusha Friedman includes eight short segments about the importance of repentance, concluding with the promise that the Messiah will come when all will repent 
  • An article about Jews and art titled “Eastern-Jewish Architecture” by Dr. Shlomo Birnbaum arguing that, in contrast with popular opinion, there is Jewish art in Eastern Europe, that is not influenced by Western art but is authentically Jewish; this aesthetic can be seen in the architecture of Synagogues in Poland and in Western-Europe. 
  • Eliezer Gershon Friedensohn’s essay, “Vilna, Yesterday and Today”, provides a tour of Vilna, starting in the old city, in the area where the Vilna Gaon lived, and continuing on to the new city, where the beautiful new building of YIVO stands 
  • M. Ben-David’s article, “Nachmanides in the Land of Israel”, recounts Nachmanides’ travels to the Land of Israel in 1267, and tells the story of his life in Spain before he came to Israel
  • “Bnos Pages” reports on the new organization of “Neshei Agudath Israel”, intended for married and older women. Essay by Sarah Schenirer on “The Call of the Shofar”, about repentance and self-examination. An article by Rivka Horowitz calls on Agudath Israel not to forget the women when they discuss immigration to Israel. An essay by I.D. about the work in the training program (Hakhsharah) for immigrating to the Land of Israel. And an essay about the experiences in the summer camp (or “colony”) of the Bais Yaakov Teachers Seminary by Henna Ziskind


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