Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 119 (1934)

  • An essay by Rabbi Meir Shapiro (ZL) on the tenth anniversary of his mother’s passing
  • Poems and stories by Elimelekh Shteyer, Israel Emiat, Eliezer Schindler, and Chaya Rubin’s poem titled “Beside the Machine”, describing working on a sewing machine. The writer is a member of a Warsaw Hakhshara group
  • Yehuda Leib Orlean’s essay “Knowing and Understanding” on child psychology and pedagogy, and children’s thinking (continued in issue 120)
  • Alter Schnur, “Collection of Pearls”, this column dedicated to the unity of and love for the Jewish people
  • A. Kharuzi’s review of Sha’arim, the journal of the Agudath Israel in the Land of Israel
  • Sarah Schenirer’s essay, in the “Bnos Pages”, focuses on the month of Cheshvan, asking her readers to draw strength from the High Holidays for the harder times to come
  • Tz. Lashinska’s “Good Days in Hakhsharah” reports on the Hakhsharah groups in Lodz preparing to immigrate to the Land of Israel
  • Chaya Malody’s essay, titled “Shake yourself free, rise from the dust”, argues that the goal of Bnos is to prepare for immigration to the Land of Israel (the writer is from Vilna)
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