Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 125 (1935)

  • Special memorial double-issue for Sarah Schenirer. Articles and essays about her life, work, legacy, and the continuation of this work after her death by Eliezer Gershon Friedensohn, Yehuda Leib Orlean, Dr. Shmuel Deutschlander, Dr. Nathan Birnbaum, Dr. Shlomo Birnbaum, Benjamin Zusman, Hillel Seidman, Sarah Pesa Gutmorgen, Dr. Benzion Pesler, Dr. Yehudit Rosenbaum-Greenfeld, Yehudit Bauminger, Gitel Pass, Esther Heytner, Hene Ziskind, Sarah Chana Guter, Zirl  Neugreshel, A. I. Lipmanowitz, Zelda Ravitch, Male Koller, Gitl Laufer, Keyle Schtrach, Miriam Toybe Shtein, Rivka Horowitz, Rivka Rosenberg, and Mirl Kneller
  • Two biographical essays on Schenirer, one an official biography of Sarah Schenirer, and the other, titled “The Life and Work of Mrs. Sarah Schenirer”, as told by her students
  • Sarah Schenirer’s reflections on the graduation of the Teachers Seminary in Krakow during her final illness
  • An essay by Shmuel David Laski titled “Noah, Daniel, and Job”; the three names in the title appear in a quote in Ezekiel, and each symbolizes a different ideal, including ideals for the diasporic Jew, and for living among non-Jews  
  • Poems by Eliezer Schindler (“Sarah Schenirer” and “Before the Shabbes Candles”), and short stories by Elimelekh Shteyer and Israel Emiat 
  • Alter Schnur, “Collection of Pearls”, on the biblical Sarah, in honor of Sarah Schenirer
  • Avraham Mordechai Rogowi’s article “The Responsibility of People for Their Actions”, according to “Menorat Hamaor” (continued in issue 128)
  • Tzipe Leshinska’s essay “On the Way to the Land of Israel” reports on the immigration of a Bnos group


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