Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 129 (1935)

  • Special issue celebrating the 13th anniversary of the Bais Yaakov Journal and the 10th anniversary of Bnos
  • Poems by Israel Emiat (“Prayers”), and by David Apteiker describing a walk from Tiberias to Migdal in the Land of Israel
  • Esther Goldshtoff’s essay “Prayers of Yom-Kippur” offers a reflection on the holy day’s prayers.
  • Several essays about Bnos: Hana Grosfeld writes on the importance of Bnos to young Jewish girls, Sarah Pesa Gutmorgen focuses on the obligations of the members of Bnos, Yehudit Gelblum describes Bnos as the crown-jewel of Schenirer’s work, and Sheyndel Kapusta traces the movement’s beginnings
  • A report on the graduation celebration of the group-preparation course for immigration to the Land of Israel that took place in Kibbutz “Ohel Sarah”, near Lodz 
  • Yehuda Leib Orlean’s essay “Two Good Pieces of Advice” addresses the members of Bnos, recommending books they should read and that they study the new guided translation into Yiddish of the Kitzur Shulkhan Arukh (the legal compendium) by Rabbi David Feldman from Leipzig
  • Dr. Judith Rosenbaum Grunfeld’s letter to the students of the seminary in Krakow focuses on the continuation of the important work of Sarah Schenirer after her passing. An anonymous essay, “From the Krakow Seminary”, describes recent events in the seminary, the general mood, and events commemorating Schenirer 
  • A letter from America by B. Gefen, “Bnos Agudath Israel in New York”, describes Bnos activities in New York and a visit by Mrs. Weinberg, a graduate of the Krakow seminary
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