Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 130 (1935)

  • Special double-issue on the Land of Israel. An opening essay by Eliezer Gershon Friedensohn, “Let’s Tell the Truth”, describes his recent visit to Palestine, the continuing need to raise funds for Jewish settlement there, and the failure of Agudah members to fulfill their obligations in this regard
  • Yaakov Landau’s essay, “Aliyah and Ascent”, argues that physical immigration to the Land of Israel (Aliyah in Hebrew) should lead to spiritual elevation
  • “A Travelog from a Trip to the Land of Israel”, by Eliezer Gershon Friedensohn, describes his recent trip, beginning on the ship, where the Sabbath was celebrated, and continued with his first glimpse of the Land and his first day in Tel Aviv; includes photos (continued in issues 133 and 134)
  • Hillel Seidman’s “With the Course of History” surveys the Jews in the Land of Israel after the destruction of the Second Temple destruction, culminating in the immigration of members of Agudath Israel to the Land of Israel
  • Alexander Zusha Friedman’s “The Alef-Bais of Agudah about Israel” contrasts the principles of Agudath Israel in the Land of Israel and those of the secular Zionists, arguing for the importance to maintaining these differences even in Israel
  • Poems by Israel Emiat (“Motives of Israel”), and David Apteiker (“Night in Tel Aviv”). Short stories by Elimelekh Shteyer and Ovadia Hacohen (“Between Two Homes”, continued in issue 131). A historical story titled “The Vow” by Yud Kuf (pen name) about the fourteenth century Spanish Rabbi Yaakov Sekili, who vowed to immigrate to Israel 
  • Alter Schnur, “Collection of Pearls”, on the Land of Israel
  • Several essays about the role of women in the Land of Israel: Rabbi Yishayah Reicher’s essay discusses the role of Jewish women like Deborah the Prophet and Ruth in the settlement of Israel in the Bible, arguing that Bnos in the Land of Israel today continues that history. Rabbi Dr. Moshe Auerbach’s “Education of Girls in the Land of Israel” argues for expanding the curriculum to include secular subjects, since in Israel every subject is holy because it will be used to build the country. Devorah Gurari’s “The Jewish Woman in Israel”, based on a talk she gave at the Bnos Conference in Tel Aviv, elaborates on different types of women in the Land of Israel and describes the work that needs to be done. Benjamin Mintz’s essay, “Bnos Agudath Israel in the Land of Israel”, describes the movement’s immigration, the different countries participants came from, and the kibbutz they built in Tel Aviv 
  • Two articles about the state of the Jewish youth: Yehuda Leib Orlean’s article “Holiness and Impurity” on the impurity of European culture which attracts the youth, and Rabbi Dr. Naftali Herz Herman’s article “An Exemplar for Our Youth” on the spiritual crisis of the youth
  • L. Fromm’s “The ‘Utopia’ of the 20th Century” describes kibbutzim as a promise of utopia. Zeev Fisher Sheyn’s “Agudah Kibbutzim in the Land of Israel” focuses on the efforts to build kibbutzim for Agudah members, with photos and descriptions of everyday life in these kibbutzim


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