Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 135-136 (1936)

  • Special double-issue marking the end of the 13th year of the journal. The editorial reminds readers to pay in advance for next year’s journal and includes a message from Sarah Schenirer, written before her death
  • Several essays about antisemitism: Eliezer Gershon Friedensohn’s essay calls on Jews to wake up and act in the face of the hate being directed towards them. Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman’s essay “The Good in the Bad” discusses the political situation of Jews in Europe and in Palestine, with many enemies in both places. Dr. Nathan Birnbaum’s “The Antisemitic Problem” argues that assimilation led to increased antisemitism. Rabbi Shmuel David Laski’s “The Essence of Antisemitism” argues that contemporary antisemitism still derives from hatred of the Jewish religion. Dr. Shlomo Birnbaum’s essay describes the word “antisemitism” and the concept of racial antisemitism as relatively new, and argues that there is nothing Jews can do, since antisemites hate Jews because of their religion, history, and blood. Additional essays by Rabbi Zvi Hirshhorn, L. Frum, and I. L. Gersht.
  • Alter Schnur, “Collection of Pearls”, on exile and redemption
  • Poems by Israel Emiat and Elimelekh Shteyer on the Hebron massacre. Short fragments by A. I. Lipmanowitz. A short story by Elimelekh Shteyer, “The Tefillin in the Small White House”, opens in the aftermath of a pogrom in a shtetl, where Dr. Jacobsky, an assimilated Jew who did not attend synagogue even on the High Holidays, is murdered in his small white house in a non-Jewish section of the town; yet it is revealed that he died with Tefillin on his head.
  • An article by Yehezkel Nussbaum about modernism in Jewish society, claiming that the two most important tools of the Haskalah (Jewish enlightenment) against traditional Jewry were newspapers and literature, but all these modern ideas of science and progress are crumbling now, in the crisis of modernity
  • This issue includes a Polish supplement



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