Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 143 (1937)

  • Special double issue marking 25 years since the founding of Agudath Israel, and 20 years since the founding of Bais Yaakov. Several writers contribute essays for this event: Jacob Rosenheim’s “Bais Yaakov and Bnos: New Tasks” discusses misunderstandings of the rabbinic phrase “women are light-minded” and how it should not prevent the education of women. Yehuda Leib Orlean offers a reflection on Bais Yaakov after 20 years of work, warning against resting on its laurels and failing to keep changing and improving. Rabbi Benjamin Zeev Jacobson recalls the establishment of the Agudah. Dr. Isaac Breuer on Orthodox leadership and the need to guide the young generation. Leib Fromm on Agudath Israel as an organization that believes in collective repentance (teshuva). Yeshayahu Khlodnik offers three reasons to celebrate: 25 years of Agudath Israel, 20 years of BY, and the upcoming third World Congress of the Agudah. Esther Heytner, Yehudit Gelblum, and Pesa Noshelska offering thoughts and reflect on the progress of Bais Yaakov over the past two decades
  • Eliezer Gershon Friedensohn discusses five themes: unity and peace, youth and education, the Land of Israel and redemption, language (Yiddish or Hebrew?), and consequences and resolutions
  • A chapter on Birnbaum’s “return” to Jewish observance (“tshuva”) from a book about Dr. Nathan Birnbaum by Ovadia Cohen
  • “My Travels at Sea” is a chapter of a soon-to-be-published memoir by the recently deceased Dr. Nathan Birnbaum, describing a transatlantic voyage between Europe and New York in which he encountered the Divine 
  • Menachem Ekstein’s “Psychological Elements in Hasidism” (continued in issues 145, 147, 148, 150, 152, 156).
  • Poems by Israel Emiat, “Avot” (Fathers), “Waiting”, and David Apteiker, “Poems from This Time”
  • Two memoiristic essays on Nathan Birnbaum: Rabbi Yosef Lev recalls meeting with Birnbaum in London, and Dr. Ben Zion Fessler describes meeting with Birnbaum in Hungary in 1918, where the “electrifying speaker” met with a group of Orthodox youth
  • Discussions of the upcoming Third World Congress of Agudath Israel: Meir Shenkalowski’s “A Word about America” argues that the congress must discuss the question of Agudath Israel throughout the world, not only Europe. Rabbi David Tzvi Zilberstein argues that 90% of the discussions at the congress should be dedicated to the question of education in Israel
  • Sarah Hilsenrat’s “A Weekend with the Bnos Kibbutz in Tel Aviv” describes a typical weekend in the kibbutz
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