Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 146 (1937)

  • Eliezer Gershon Friedensohn’s “Every Day–Every Time” discusses the current turbulent times through the story of Hanukkah and the repetition of the same narrative in the history of the Jewish people–in which Jews, despite being few against many, are saved, but it is crucial to remain pious, fighting hatred and secularization
  • “Women Who Remained Noble”, by Dr. Heshel Klepfish, discusses women in Polish literature; although they were few, Polish women writers had friendly relations with Jews and with the Jewish community in Poland (continued in issue 147). 
  • Poems by Israel Emiat (“Rabbi Akiva Eiger Writes a Letter”, and “Childhood”), David Apteiker (“A Letter to Father”, translated into Yiddish by A.T.), and Alter Schnur (“The Hanukkah Lights throughout the Generations”). A short tale by A. I. Lipmanowitz, “The Spark”, is a midrash about Abraham. Stories by Elimelekh Shteyer (“The Picture of His Grandfather”), and Esther Heytner (“A Tune [niggun] from Home”, continued in issue 147).
  • L. Shiff’s metaphorical “Exhibitions of Light from around the World” describes a visit to different pavilions of different countries: The German pavilion is filled with Nazi propaganda, the Italian with similar propaganda, the Soviets have red lights and communist propaganda, other democratic countries are full of culture, but these are fake. The Yiddish pavilion has a bookcase and a menorah, and the protagonist lights a candle there
  • “Life in ‘Ohel Sarah'”: three descriptions, by students at the Lodz school, of the life and the work they are doing in training to immigrate to the Land of Israel


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