Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 148 (1938)

  • Two articles dedicated to Sarah Schenirer on her third Yahrzeit: Yehuda Leib Orlean highlights her strength. Eliezer Gershon Friedensohn’s “Seriousness, Simplicity, and Devotion” urges readers not to forget her name and her important work. 
  • A poem by Yehuda Leib Orlean on the ever-changing world focuses on the importance of Yiddish
  • L. Shiff’s “A Heroic Woman” offers fragments from a story by Nachman of Bratzlav in memory of Sarah Schenirer, which begins with a quote from “Eshet Chayil” 
  • Alter Schnur’s “Women Who Study Torah” notes that, these days, women studying Torah is not new, but when Schenirer started it was revolutionary. Schnur records the long debate in Jewish sources on the question of women’s Torah study 
  • Poems by Israel Emiat and David Apteiker (“Fall in Jerusalem”). Short stories by Yitzhak Ravitch (“The Little Street in Jerusalem”), A. I. Lipmanowitz, and Shlomo Foxman (“The Simple Shoemaker and his Enormous Book”, about a shoemaker named Moshe Markowitz, who is an orphan and uneducated but teaches himself how to be a writer) 
  • Gedalyah Bublik’s “The Holiness of the Sabbath” describes the Sabbath as a respite from life’s struggles and as the heart of Jewish philosophy



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