Bais Yaakov Journal Issue 97 (1932)

  • Articles that address the holiday Hanukkah: In “Hanukkah”, which describes the last will and testament of the High Priest Matityahu, Benjamin Zusman uses the metaphor of the Hanukkah lights to describe the teachers from the Bais Yaakov seminary who spread their light throughout the Jewish world; and an essay by R. N. H. Herman titled “For the Miracles” that discusses the Hanukkah liturgy
  • Article by Benjamin Mintz titled “The Story of a Lost Hope: David Reubeni and Solomon Molcho”, recounts the historical stories of two messianic figures: David Reubeni (1490-1541) declared himself the representative of the Ten lost tribes and a type of Messiah (1490-1541), while Solomon Molcho (1500-1532) was a Portuguese Jewish mystic who also declared himself the Messiah (continued in issues 97-103)
  • Three poems by Eliezer Schindler: “A Good Book”, “The End of the Autumn in the English Gardens”, and “Beginning of Winter”, and a story by C. Rabinowitz titled “In Cigarette Smoke”
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