Bais Yaakov girls in Trzebinia

In the photo: the students Feiga Reich, Tova Langer, Hela Tuchner, Rachel Gutman, Fela Goldwasser, Rap (first name unknown), Jungwirth (first name unknown), Sala Schwarzman, Shoshana Glas, Ester Gros, Knopf (first name unknown), Hodzia Reich, Cila Schlesinger, Rivka Mandelbaum, Ruzia Schnitzer, Cesia Mandelbaum, Mala Weinberger, Malka Klagsblat, Natka Zaks, and Hirschberg (first name unknown). Donated by Elimelech Gross.

Photo in the GFH catalog.


Identifier: GFH2019.005
Photo Title: Bais Yaakov girls in Trzebinia (Chebin)
Date: 1920-1940 (n.d.)
Geographic Location: Trzebinia (Yiddish: Chebin)
Archive: Ghetto Fighters House Archive, Item #27954.
Summary: Students in the Bais Yaakov school in Trzebinia.