Bais Yaakov of Rozan Perform the Play “Cantonists”

This play is mentioned in other accounts and was part of the Bais Yaakov repertoire (and of general interest for Jewish writers beyond Bais Yaakov); although no script survives, the historical events depicted involve the early nineteenth-century forced conscription of very young Jewish boys into the Czarist army, for extended periods.

The back of the photo identifies the location and time of the photo (Rozan/Ruzhan, Purim 1935) and apparently lists a few participants (perhaps trying to “map” them): Paskowitz, in the middle front and left of the back row; Sarale Albeck; and Baylin.

From Devorah Epelgrad Cohn‘s albums.


Identifier: NC2019.005 and NC2019.005b
Photo Title: Bais Yaakov of Rozan Perform the Play “Cantonists”
Date: 1935
Geographic Location: Rozan (Yiddish: Ruzhan)
Archive: Family archive of Naftali Cohn
Summary: This photo shows the pupils of the Bais Yaakov of Rozan on Purim, in a play called “Cantonists.” Devorah Epelgrad (Cohn) is in the back row center.